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My two girls

A couple of quick photos of my two girls, 99 and Venus.

99 shows general concern for all those affected by hurricane Irene, especially her daughter Sophie in North Carolina.


Lazy Saturday in Bassetville

Since there is only one more week to go until football season finally gets under way I present to you the definition of the word "anticipation" as only basset hounds can convey:



The dog days of summer

I'm beginning to think whoever invented air conditioning had a basset hound.  The only thing to do in this miserable midwestern heat this summer is find some shade and a couple of Adirondack chairs.  Who's with me? 


Georgie?  Venus?


How about you 99?  Is it hot out here or what?


Rico visits his sister Kaos

I took Rico over to his sister Kaos's house to see if we could get some pictures together since they look so similar.  First we pay tribute to their mother, 99!


And here is the brother sister reunion.  Don't they look excited to see each other?


Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.  Can you feel it? 


And what does spring mean?  Pure, unbridled excitement for all nature's creatures.  Proof:





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