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White Stuff? On the Ground?

Des Moines had just set a record a couple of days ago with going over 290 days without snow.  According to my math, that is just a shade under 3 years. 

So what did I do when I awoke to new fallen snow?  I sprang from bed and put my cap on the bassets.  We can now officially start the Christmas season now that we have cap laden bassets strewn about the snow.

See?  Snow!!

Bassets in caps!



Sometimes she even looks sincere...


The Dog Days o Summer 2012

The heat in central Iowa has been brutal this summer.  It is so hot even Venus has to take breaks from working on her base tan.


Bassets on the BassetLounge!

I just noticed there were nothing but trucks and talks of Tenderloin Crusades on the front page of the BassetLounge.  We had better do something about that. 

Venus has a birthday celebration coming up.  How does that make you feel Venus?


Queen Bee...Buzzin Round your Hive

"Busy Bee!  Where's Busy Bee?  You run and go get Busy Bee!!!"


When I say those words and you have the same expression as Venus here, run immediately to a RedBox and rent "Best in Show."



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