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Tis the Season

Venus wants a Playstation 3 for Christmas.  I told her it wasn't happening, but I might think about it if  she would finally get a job this Christmas and start contributing her fair share.  So you are looking at the new Santa Claus at our local department store. She said she is already sick of little kids asking for Red Ryder BB Guns.

How about a nice football little boy?


Yeti sighting?

Venus did a little frolicking in the woods over the weekend.  With my bad back the doctor said I shouldn't frolic anymore myself, but I'm not going to let that stop Venus from a good quality romp.

I totally made that up.  My back is fine. I'm funny, eh Venus?


It's all about the angles, baby...

When people ask me to give them tips on photography I tell them the two most important things are:

1. Find a basset hound

2. Photograph them from good angles so they feel pretty.

That's really all there is to it.   For example, from the front Venus looks like a typical Basset cheerleader, ready to bust into a performance at your local high school football game.  I'm talking homecoming queen material.


Tailgating is hard work

Need I say more?



The horror!  I return home to find Venus trying to be an Iowa Hawkeye cheerleader? 


I think Gina has some 'splainin to do!



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