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Rico visits his sister Kaos

I took Rico over to his sister Kaos's house to see if we could get some pictures together since they look so similar.  First we pay tribute to their mother, 99!


And here is the brother sister reunion.  Don't they look excited to see each other?


Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.  Can you feel it? 


And what does spring mean?  Pure, unbridled excitement for all nature's creatures.  Proof:




The Bassaholic Intervention

"I've had all I can stand, I can't stands no more!"     -P. Sailor


Sooner or later it would come to this.  I knew it. I had just hoped Venus would come to her senses sooner rather than later.  But today was the last straw.  It started as any other day.  My mother was nice enough to get me a basset planter to use on my porch.  It was a fine, welcome addition if I do say so myself.


I knew today was the day to plant, in it so I had asked for some help from my resident bassholes.  99 of course is always willing to help her dad, whatever the occasion:


Kaos turns 5

Kaos turns 5 on May 6, so we always celebrate her birthday with Venus to kind of "class it up" a little bit. And with a face like this, you see what I mean by 'classin it up'


Venus Turns 6

The dog that never ceases to amaze me turned a robust 6 years and we had to find a way to celebrate! 



So first things first.... I asked Venus what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wanted to blow her allowance on pizza and video games like any other 6 year old.  Who am I to argue?





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