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99 was born October 29, 2001.  After a great deal of bartering with Jane Baetz of Olde Fashion basset hounds I was able to bring 99 home to live with me in October of 2006. 


99 is probably the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever had the pleasure of being around.  She is definitely the smartest basset I've ever known.  Not saying there aren't some smart bassets out there, but I am a bit bias.  This poor girl has been my test subject for learning how to use my digital SLR for her ability to pretend to be a cigar store Indian.


99 had two litters while she was with Jane.  One of her kids is Kaos, who lives with my mother.


This photo was taken by Anne Lind:


Here we have "The Amish Basset"


Can't help but smile once you get close to Christmas


New scarf