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American Ingenuity

The new basset hauling truck has a v8 under the hood.  She's pretty much street legal, except for the terrible gas mileage.  I cannot prove this, but I am pretty sure gas grew on trees in the 60's.  While the USDA Hardiness Map doesn't even list a gas tree, I'm guessing it doesn't agree with our zone here in Iowa.  (that is a botany reference for those green thumbs out there, I am trying to diversify my audience portfolio)

So instead of just living with this fuel inhaling Beast Of Burden, I decided to do something about it.  And when I need inspiration for ingenuity I look no further than great American companies like The AirWay Company in Mexico, Indiana.  They guarantee to improve gas mileage in late model vehicles.  It says so right on the packaging:


How AWESOME is that?!  I checked out the back of the packaging figuring I would have to probably run this marvel of science into the exhaust manifold fuel pump cover thingy; but nay, I need only remove the protective paper from the adhesive pad and then press firmly in the center of the windshield.  I think even a basset can handle that, so in it goes!

This thing is probably some type of flux capacitor, created by those smart dudes at CERN who stare at quarks all day or something.  Who am I to argue with genius.  Here it is installed:

When I got out of the truck after installation of this gas saving Godsend, I took a photo of the truck again: