Well Venus quit her job already, something about not getting a plethora of consistent nap breaks causing an unrelenting work atmosphere.  Looks like she will be relying on Jolly Ole Saint Mick for her Christmas list.

Could it be Venus is smarter than I had originally thought?  She sure is trying to get off of the naughty list all of the sudden.

Visions of sugar plums?


Tis the Season

Venus wants a Playstation 3 for Christmas.  I told her it wasn't happening, but I might think about it if  she would finally get a job this Christmas and start contributing her fair share.  So you are looking at the new Santa Claus at our local department store. She said she is already sick of little kids asking for Red Ryder BB Guns.

How about a nice football little boy?


Thank stuff

In 1492 The Pilgrims boarded the Titanic and left the white, sandy beaches of London to come to this country and cook things.  Free from religious persecution and the high real estate prices of their motherland they came to this country and taught the Native Americans how to deep fry the delicious delicacies found in the McDonalds restaurants back home.

Be sure to use this day to thank the people, animals, and cool electronic things that you hold dear to your heart.  After all, Thanksgiving is for the thanking of things.  That's why Abraham Lincoln coined it "Thanksgiving."

Basset Lounge Banner!

The Basset Lounge would like to send a very special thanks to Anne Lind of Fetchit Graphics for the INCREDIBLE banner here at the Basset Lounge. This banner depicts the lounging basset exactly as you would witness them in the wild. Just pray to the God of all that is Holy you never run into one of these beasts with an empty Barcalounger in the back of your pickup truck.  Yeeee Ha!

So THANK YOU Anne!  We could not be prouder to have this graphic be the new face of The Basset Lounge. 

The best big sister

Mom needed a couple of shots of her two bassets together.  Who am I to say no to a couple of professional supermodels?  Kaos and Georgie after the birthday get together.  She's such a good big sister!

Well done bassets. Now everyone look to the right and act like you are thinking about something very serious, like how to chase rabbits.



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