Unidentified Flying Basset

When I was a kid the sound of the ice cream truck used to send us into a mad frenzy.  The faint sound of tinkling bells was pure crack for the eardrum. 

There is a similar reaction for a basset hound but not for the ice cream truck.  It's the glorious sound of the Snausages truck that makes kids of all ages come running!

And what do you do after you catch the truck?  You sleep of course:

Lazy Saturday in Bassetville

Since there is only one more week to go until football season finally gets under way I present to you the definition of the word "anticipation" as only basset hounds can convey:




grace·ful [greys-fuhl]
adjective: Characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant: a graceful dancer; a graceful reply.




The Pied Piper of Bassetville

The legend speaks of a great musician that plays the pan flute and takes unsuspecting souls away to their doom... or something like that.  I have proof the legends are true.  This lady shows up to my house the other day but instead of toting an accordian or tuba she had a bag of treats.  Suddenly the bassets are brainwashed and under her spell:



Keep on reading to find out what happened to the poor bassets:

The dog days of summer

I'm beginning to think whoever invented air conditioning had a basset hound.  The only thing to do in this miserable midwestern heat this summer is find some shade and a couple of Adirondack chairs.  Who's with me? 


Georgie?  Venus?


How about you 99?  Is it hot out here or what?



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