The Ghost of Christmas Awesome

Coordination is the key to good decorating.  Elegant decorations that really 'WOW!' the neighbors is what sets me apart from the average bear, ensconced as the envy of all my peers. 

That is why I like to keep it real with plenty of Christmas Story decor during the holidays. Full sized leg lamps, karate nutcrackers, and snow villages.  That's how this guy rolls.  Something that says 'Stevie Wonder helped me decorate for Christmas' will never go out of style.

Stay Christmas my friends.



White Stuff? On the Ground?

Des Moines had just set a record a couple of days ago with going over 290 days without snow.  According to my math, that is just a shade under 3 years. 

So what did I do when I awoke to new fallen snow?  I sprang from bed and put my cap on the bassets.  We can now officially start the Christmas season now that we have cap laden bassets strewn about the snow.

See?  Snow!!

Bassets in caps!


Unemployed Superhero Will Work for Snacks

I guess the economy is a major focal point in the upcoming elections.  The job market has gotten so bad that it's tough for a crime fighting basset hound to find work.

You should have seen the look on her face when I told her if she didn't find work soon she was going to have to share her room with a cat.  Oh wait, I captured the look on her face right here:

What to do?

So you round up your basset hounds and ask them what they want to be for Halloween this year.

And every year it's the same thing.  CATS!  WE WANT TO BE CATS!


Sometimes she even looks sincere...



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