New Lens

Picked up a Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM last week because I needed something a little wider.  The first thing you do with a lens is take pictures of your basset hound to be sure everything is in order.  99 inspects the new lens:



We've recently lost a family member at The Bassetlounge.  My father's schnauzer Max has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. 


Max wasn't dealt the greatest of hands and had medical problems most of his life, but you wouldn't know it the way he greeted you when you went to my dad's house.  The best way to describe Max is to just say he was "something else," and he will most assuredly be missed.


9.12.02 - 5.7.11


The Bassaholic Intervention

"I've had all I can stand, I can't stands no more!"     -P. Sailor


Sooner or later it would come to this.  I knew it. I had just hoped Venus would come to her senses sooner rather than later.  But today was the last straw.  It started as any other day.  My mother was nice enough to get me a basset planter to use on my porch.  It was a fine, welcome addition if I do say so myself.


I knew today was the day to plant, in it so I had asked for some help from my resident bassholes.  99 of course is always willing to help her dad, whatever the occasion:


The Great Dremel Caper

Bassets have nails.  Granted all dogs have nails that undoubtedly need trimmed, but basset nails rank somewhere between topaz and the diamond on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Should you choose to use nail clippers, you run the risk of nipping the quick and having your dog bleed profusely.  They look sad enough as it is, we don't need to add insult to injury.  The nifty little doggy nail drills on TV are good if you have a small dog made out of porcelain but if you have a basset hound with black nails that thing just doesn't have the juice to get the job done, so I use a Dremel and it works wonders.  However, the Brown family Dremel recently seized up and took a ride to the great Dremel playground in the sky.  So I needed a new one.


Shopping online is marvelous.  I thoroughly enjoy buying things without wearing pants.  Call me old fashioned, but whenever given a purchasing choice 'no pants' always beats 'pants.'  So I logged into my favorite home away from home ( and grabbed the Dremel 4000.   It was the only Dremel tool that gave me the impression that if I didn't keep this thing locked up it would wake itself in the middle of the night and Dremel my face off.  Powerful enough for the toughest of basset nails.


I have ordered 1000 things from Amazon and I have never had a shipping problem.  That's probably because most of the items I order are shipped via UPS or FedEx.  I received a tracking number that the item was coming from good old Uncle Sam himself, the USPS.  So instead of 'What can Brown do for you' I had a heartwarming feeling that a member of my own community working for the government would take great care in delivering my parcel:

Kaos turns 5

Kaos turns 5 on May 6, so we always celebrate her birthday with Venus to kind of "class it up" a little bit. And with a face like this, you see what I mean by 'classin it up'



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