Venus Turns 6

The dog that never ceases to amaze me turned a robust 6 years and we had to find a way to celebrate! 



So first things first.... I asked Venus what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wanted to blow her allowance on pizza and video games like any other 6 year old.  Who am I to argue?




Celebrating a Milestone - April 26, 2011

When you reach a milestone birthday (20, 30, 40, etc) you start to see the world a little differently.  And by 'differently' I mean you start making excuses for acting like you are still 12 years old.  Think I'm crazy?  How many times have you heard the following?
"30 is the new 20"
"40 is the new 30"
"The wheelchair is the new moped"
"BenGay is the new Drakkar"


The ideas of birthdays are perplexing to me.  "Happy Birthday!" people exclaim.  That's nice.  Heartwarming, but when you think about it you didn't really have anything to do with your birthday.  If people want to acknowledge this is a special day in your life they should probably thank your mother for going through the torture of birthing you.  Since America is all about tradition and this particular iteration usually includes me receiving gifts, who am I to judge?  Bring on the birthdays!
I turned 40 on April 26th of 2011.  I started to think about the best way to celebrate this monumental achievement (monumental in the fact that I was the one that had to wake up every day and do all that breathing.)  At first I was just going to call my old crotchety high school guidance counselor and tell her that despite her beliefs to the contrary I am a productive member of society but a certain restraining order clearly states that would be a bad idea.  So I did the next best thing and called my high school friends.  Not to talk mind you, but just to ensure they were still alive at my age:
Ring.... Ring... Ring.... "Hello?"
"Um Yeah.... Is Brian there?"
"This is Brian"
Sweet!  My friends all turned 40 before I did and they are still kicking it (old school I hope) so I have nothing to worry about!  Granted I should probably start learning how to play bridge and practice screaming “GET OFF MY LAWN” but all in due time, for today is my birthday!!!  I quickly turn my attention to the birthday activities I so richly deserve, and nothing exudes maturity at this stage of your life like some Playstation 3 against your basset hounds.  But first, we must dine on a quality dinner worthy of a birthday king.  Only a feast for the ages will do tonight, a gluttonous affair that would leave even King Henry VIII jealous.

The hut.  The caviar of pizza.

Jealous yet?

And then it is on to the games!  We love racing games here at the house, so I wonder if anyone in the house dares take on the master?

A foolish soul dares oppose me?

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Jack Daniels

This is Olde Fashion Jack Daniel Single Malt, aka "Dan."

Dan is from Italy so he barks in Italian instead of French, which is the language of most bassets.  Since I speak neither of these languages I cannot understand him or my own hounds.


Eh, I guess that's fair since I'm pretty sure they don't understand me either.




Sing it Sister!

99 likes to tell stories and sometimes I think she likes to recite poetry. 

But since I don't speak dog I'm not really sure.  It sure sounds like it's important though.


Basset Shananigans!

Dan working on his Elvis impersonation or else he misplaced his dentures:


Being a basset is hard work, so it's always best to find a little time to unwind.  Here Dan tries to play tug of war with Prada's skin.




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