What Bassets are all about

Science has proven the number one reason for bassets to wear silly hats is.....

....to get extra lovin of course.   Ole!


Bassets in Hats!! Bassets in Hats!

What Margaritaville party would be complete without making a creature who already looks really sad to begin with look even more sad by dressing them up in stupid hats?


Holy Incognito Batman!  It's Ziggy!!


Daisy joins in the fun:


Mecca Summer 2012

No July would be complete without a stop to the Basset Mecca for the annual Margaritaville party!  Here are a couple of serious shots before the crazy fun begins:





The Dog Days o Summer 2012

The heat in central Iowa has been brutal this summer.  It is so hot even Venus has to take breaks from working on her base tan.


Georgie and his sisters

At the Mecca Georgie was reunited with his two sisters from different litters.  Here he is with Gemma and Prada:


Here he is with just Prada:



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