Well there is going to be a birthday celebration.  That means Georgie Boy is coming over to visit.  For those of you who don't know anything about Georgie, I think I will let his face speak for itself:

Ha!  Georgie Boy sure makes some funny faces.  That's why we call him funnyface.  He can also be quite charming when he wants to be:

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all baby mamas out there.  Kaos stopped over to see her mother.  Bassets are thoughful like that:

Kaos turning 6

We always celebrate birthdays together for both Kaos and Venus at the same time.  Kaos is looking good, and ready for her birthday:

And Kaos, you know there will be cake, right?

Bassets on the BassetLounge!

I just noticed there were nothing but trucks and talks of Tenderloin Crusades on the front page of the BassetLounge.  We had better do something about that. 

Venus has a birthday celebration coming up.  How does that make you feel Venus?


Fancy photography

You can't tell this right now but I am doing jazz hands for this photo.


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