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I need some marketing.  That would be a good start, right?



Now all I need is a basset hound to want to go for a ride somewhere.  So if you see this coming down the street, do not be alarmed.  It's just marketing.

Interior PNKN

Not much has really changed as far as car interiors go since 1968.  As you can see here, there is still a glove box to store all kinds of cool stuff like 8-Track cassetes and lava lamps:

Ha! I'm just kidding!  8-Tracks weren't available yet.  So the GR8PNKN has a super sweet high-fi stock AM radio.  It plays things like talk radio, and talk radio.  Did I mention you can listen to talk radio?



So I bought a little MazdaSpeed3 in February.  It is an awesome little ride, but it is not exactly made for hauling precious cargo.  And by precious cargo I mean basset hounds.

So I needed something basset worthy to haul the girls to and from the dog park.  Nothing says BassetLounge like an old truck!  So behold people, the newest addition to the Brown family.  I give you The GR8PNKN:

This basset hauler is a 1968 Chevrolet C10.  That makes it really sweet and older than me, just like silly putty and slinkies.

The Tenderloin Crusades

“Stereotypically, Iowa is known for two things: corn and pigs. Unfortunately for the latter they are absolutely delicious.”   -M. Brown

Since 2003, the Iowa Pork Producers Association has given a ‘Best Pork Tenderloin’ award to the top pork tenderloin sandwich in the state.  It’s kind of a big deal. This exclusive list of cafeteria royalty contains the following vanquishers:

2003 – Darrell’s Place in Hamlin
2004 – Suburban Restaurant in Ames
2005 – Dairy Sweet in Dunlap
2006 – Town House Supper Club in Wellsburg

One Year

Georgie Boy, Easter 2011:

Georgie Boy, Easter 2012:

He still looks really smart doesn't he?  He's basically the same dog now as he was last year, except now he wants to grow a mustache and get some tats.

They grow up so fast.



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