Queen Bee...Buzzin Round your Hive

"Busy Bee!  Where's Busy Bee?  You run and go get Busy Bee!!!"


When I say those words and you have the same expression as Venus here, run immediately to a RedBox and rent "Best in Show."


Easter Bassets 2012

Just finishing up our first round of Easter Basset 2012 shots.  More to come! 

Happy Easter people!

99 enjoys springtime

You don't have to ask 99 twice to get out and enjoy the spring weather. 

But even on occasion even the top models need a break:


Too busy to pose

Spring is in the air.  That means opening day for baseball, the smell of fresh cut grass, and one lazy basset who loves to sun herself.

Yes Venus, I am talking about you

Her worshipfulness found a nice spot in the middle of a flower bed for a couple of photos, so here is the obligatory close up:


Chow Chow

This is Chowder, my brothers pride and joy!


When Chowder steps on a scale it reads 'one at a time please.'  He is a big boy.


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