Little Man

This is my sisters sheltie.  His energy level, jumping ability, and overall cuteness make him the exact opposite of a basset hound but we love him anyway.


Blue Steel

No Method to this Madness

Kentucky, UNLV, Wisconsin, UConn.

Those were Gina's picks for the Final 4 last year in her first Brown Family March Madness pool.  UNLV, which hadn't won a tournament game since I had braces, and Wisconsin, which hadn't been to a Final 4 since John F Kennedy had braces. My father and I laughed uncontrollably at her bracket as we informed the greenhorn that filling out an NCAA bracket was a skill, nay, an art form that is acquired after years of trial and error.


Finally, some snow in Iowa!  Is it too late to whip these slackers into shape for the Iditarod?


Appeasing PETA

I often see advertisements of famous people praising the good work from the people over at PETA.  Since I wanted to post some photos of our first blizzard here in Iowa I'm letting you all in to what really happens behind the scenes during the model downtime.  As you can see here, the basset hounds are always well taken care of:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Not all fun and games

During our outdoor frolic into the winter wonderland Venus wanted to make a snow badger.  When I informed her she lacked the opposable thumbs to make that even remotely possible she decided to pose for a couple of photos before heading in for snacks.

Chip chop chip.  The SuperBowl starts in a few.



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